Mentors by Geographic Region: Europe

Mariarosa Argentiero

Space Operations Manager and Satellite Engineer, Economics and HR Expert

Zainab Azim

Co-Founder of G.I.V.E and Youngest Member of Virgin Galactic's Future Astronaut Program

Ioana Bratu

Researcher & Lecturer (AI & Space Law)

Harriet Brettle

Business Analysis (Astroscale)

Chiara Chiesa

International PR and Space Technology Transfer Commercialization Advisor

Ilaria Cinelli

President, Aerospace Human Factors Association, Aerospace Medical Association

Angela Corbari

Entrepreneur, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer @Studiomapp

Smiti Dhami

Spacecraft Operations Engineer, Telespazio Germany GmbH

Eva Fernandez Rodriguez

Radio Navigation Engineer at GMV Aerospace; Defence and Project Manager at AIOFAR

Ana Cristina Galhego Rosa

Founder and CEO, DipteronUG

Yang Gao

Prof. of Space Autonomous Systems, University of Surrey, UK; Editor-in-Chief, Wiley’s Journal of Field Robotics

Alissa Haddaji

Lecturer on Law, Harvard Law School and Founder, Space Consortium at Harvard and MIT

Ghina Halabi

Founder and Executive Director, She Speaks Science, University of Cambridge

Mindy Howard

Director, Inner Space Training

Abbie Hutty

Locomotion Subsystem Manager, Mars Sample Fetch Rover, Airbus Defense and Space

Elena Kilpio

Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of Physics 

Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway

Astrophysicist and educationalist, Eindhoven University of Technology 

Pascale Lefebure

Biotechnology Engineer and project manager for Aerospace Projects

Natalia Lemarquis

Technical Project Manager, In-Space Missions Ltd.

Veronica Moronese

Space law researcher, theorist, and lecturer

Thi Hien Nguyen

CEO/ Founder, SpaceconneX

Karin Nilsdotter

CEO, Spaceport Sweden; Tech Woman of the Year; Founder, Women in Space; Member of the Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut Program

Alice Pellegrino

System Engineer and Subcontractors Manager (QinetiQ)

Priyanka Roy Chowdhury

PhD student at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Olga Stelmakh-Drescher

Chief Policy and Government Relations Officer, EXOLAUNCH

Maruska Strah

Executive Director, World Space Week Association 

Rochelle Velho

Acute Medicine and ITU Medical Doctor, National Health Service

Marianne Vinje Tantillo

Head of ESA affairs and international relations, Norwegian Space Agency

Laetitia Zarkan

UNIDIR; Doctoral researcher in Space Law and Cyber Law at Luxembourg University

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Application period closed

Applications for the 2023 edition are closed for mentors and mentees.


Application period closed

Applications for the 2023 edition are closed for mentors and mentees.

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