Veronica Moronese

Space Law Researcher and Member, Scientific Committee of the Center for Near Space, Italy

Region:          Europe 

Field:              Law; Policy


Profile:     Becoming a space law researcher was not easy. Everyone thought that after graduating I would become a lawyer just because this is perceived as the normal career path for a young lady who studies law. My love for space had already emerged during university, when although there was no space law teaching I made a thesis on EU aerospace competence. However, being space law a little-known subject I felt quite alone, not receiving encouragement to continue on my path and feeling obliged to follow normalcy. But I knew that the normal road was not my way: I took courage and continued to do research on my own, until I met people who believed in my ideas, recognized my talent and encouraged me to make my voice heard. Today I am a space law researcher, I contribute to creating humanity's new path in space and I could not be happier.


Network Activities:     As a mentor in the Space4Women Network I plan to introduce young women to the opportunities that the space sector offers them, while raising their awareness over what they can do for space and for the future of all mankind, thanks to their abilities and their passion. I want them to know that there’s plenty of space for them and that they have the right and the tools to get it. That is why my plan is to act through presentations in schools, universities and through social media to get in touch with them. My commitment is to be a guide for young women, helping every one of them through mentorship to develop their potential. I want them to know STEM disciplines, the space sector and their opportunities. I want them to be aware that their career can lead to great success, encouraging them to speak up their mind.