Mariarosa Argentiero

Space Operations Manager and Satellite Engineer, Economics and HR Expert

Region:          Europe

Field:              Aerospace and Communications Engineering, Economics, Human Resources Management


Profile:     I am a Space Operations Manager, qualified as a Satellite Engineer for both GEO and LEO platforms for the Italian Ministry of Defense since 2013.

I graduated in Aerospace Engineering at University of Naples “Federico II” where I focused on the application of image processing techniques on COSMO-SkyMed SAR images. In 2014, I attended a Master of Science in Satellites and Orbiting Platforms at University of Rome “La Sapienza” where I was chosen as the team leader for the project called LOTuS (Lunar Orbiting Telecommunication System) presented to NASA Ames and NASA JPL. In 2019, in order to better catch the complexity of the Space sector, I got a Master of Science in Economy, Technology and Innovation with a thesis about “Circular Economy comes from Space: an innovative approach to Clean Energy”, showing the important contribution of Space to Sustainable Development Goals and the relevance of Space Economy; following the Journal Sustainability found this topic very interesting and published my article “The Role of Earth Observation Satellites in Maximizing Renewable Energy Production: Case Studies Analysis for Renewable Power Plants”.

As a Satellite Engineer for the Italian Ministry of Defense, I experienced not only every step of both GEO and LEO satellites from preliminary design phases to in-orbit nominal (e.g. manouvers, orbital transfers, …) and contingency operations, but I also played an important role in Ground and User Segment management and evolution. Thanks to my Flight Dynamics and Space Surveillance and Tracking vast background, I am now in charge of defining activities related to the Italian Space Domain Awareness by cooperating with international institutions and partners.

After many years of team working and leading, I found out that space sector success relies on people commitment, so I decided to attend another Master of Science about Human Resources Management. I always concentrate on encouraging my collaborators to improve their knowledge in different perspectives starting from STEM to international relations because I strongly believe in multi-disciplinarity, especially for Space-related activities.


Network activities:     I’ve been mentoring young aerospace engineering students, mainly women, for several years. We have established a strong network that still provide us with mutual aid to succeed in our professional life. I often supervise works of thesis about Space studies. Moreover, I have met girls in primary school with strong interest in STEM, particularly in Space, and I keep on helping them to pursue their passions and dreams.

People are always the key for success and I want to give them my support, believing in them and let them investing in their personal growth, improving their skills and so, giving an extraordinary enhancement to the society.

My mentorship will be addressed especially to girls and women that want to combine their STEM engagement with the passion in human and social sciences or, more generally speaking, in non-scientific disciplines.