Eva Fernandez Rodriguez

Radio Navigation Engineer at GMV Aerospace and Defence and Project Manager at AIOFAR

Region:          Europe

Field:              Radio navigation, GNSS, telecommunications


Profile:     I am a radio navigation engineer at the Advanced User Segment Systems division at GMV Aerospace and Defence and the Project Manager of AIOFAR, awarded 3rd place in the Farming by satellite Prize 2020 promoted by the European GNSS Agency and the European Environment Agency. My academic background is in Telecommunications engineering and my past professional experience includes positions such as project manager at 2MARES DEMIL S.L. and Telematic Test Engineer in the Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia. Also, I held an internship at the Commercial User Segment and Navigation System Validation section at ESA-ESTEC. I also have a Bachelor's degree of Music and experience as a saxophone teacher for almost 8 years.