Rochelle Velho

Acute Medicine and ITU Medical Doctor, National Health Service

Region:          Europe

Field:              Medicine


Profile:     MBChB MPH (Merit) BSc (Hons) ARaES

I am a Medical Doctor specialising in Acute Medicine & Intensive Care Medicine with operational and research experience in Space Medicine & Life Sciences. I have also completed the NIHR AFP in Public Health and the NIHR ACF in ACCS-ICM with an MPH in 2019, which taught me about the complexities of health care delivery during the Ebola and Covid19 pandemic. In parallel with my clinical training, I am the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) CMO and have participated in expeditions (AMADEE ‘15 & ‘18) to test space suit simulators in extreme environments. I am also a founder and co-chair of the SGAC Space Medicine Life Sciences Project Group and represent SGAC on the UN Space4Global Health working group. In the UK, I am an executive on the UK Space Life & Biomedical Sciences board and drive forward innovation in space life sciences. My ultimate aspiration is to source more space-based solutions to solve terrestrial health challenges. I look forward to working with the Space4Women network affiliated to UNOOSA to mentor the next generation of women to pursue their dreams in Space and STEM.