Karin Nilsdotter

CEO, Spaceport Sweden; Tech Woman of the Year; Founder, Women in Space; Member of the Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut Program

Region:          Europe; Asia; Northern America

Field:              Business; Communication


Profile:     Karin is passionate about advancing humanity into space but also how to use technology to empower communities and foster sustainable business solutions on Earth. A global advocate for women, Karin has been active in the Space4Women since the inaugural program in 2017.

WIRED magazine identified Karin as a global game changer, and she has been awarded Tech Woman of the Year and selected as a role model to feature on the Swedish National Team shirt for the World Cup.

A visionary and thought leader, Karin has led the development of national strategies, policy framework, a space adventure portfolio, start-up business modelling, financing and go to market strategies. She initiated “Hack Space for the Planet”, founded TEDxKiruna and Women in Space.

Karin has an extensive background working with both private and public sectors, investors and academia. She is a speaker and a board professional across new tech, children’s rights and entrepreneurship.


Network Activities:

- Mentoring: I look forward to sharing my experience, network and platform to empower women to become the best they can be and dare to aim high

- Speaking engagements and interviews: I will continue give talks at industry and tech events to inspire and spark interest about space, gender equality, the new tech, the audacious goals, the opportunities and why it matters

- Advocacy: I will continue my advocacy and raise awareness around gender equality and inclusion and why it makes community and business sense

- Expand the Women in Space network, to more countries, arranging virtual and live events for more girls and women to connect and further their careers, in collaboration with Space4Women

- Set up a directory of women in space experts for talks, panels, interviews, advisory etc,

- Continue to bring a chair: I always seek to engage more women and will always offer a seat at the table