Angela Corbari

Entrepreneur, Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer @Studiomapp

Region:          Europe

Field:              GIS and Remote Sensing


Profile:     Angela Corbari (LinkedIn: holds a Master's degree in Natural Sciences, Conservation and Natural Resources management from the Alma Mater Bologna University, Italy. She is specialized in GIS and Remote Sensing, with a focus on Environmental intelligence for Climate Change. She is also a certified Wildlife Technician from the Institute of Environmental Protection in Italy (ISPRA) and certified Agro-Technician. With more than 15 years’ experience as consultant and project manager for projects related to natural resources management and urban challenges, she has worked both for private and public sectors. Her greatest skill is combining managerial, administrative and technical knowledge so as to be able to dialogue and closely work with different team members and fully understand the project critical issues. Angela is also a professional trainer in geospatial technologies and speaker at international events (World Space Forum by UNOOSA, ESA Space Talks, Copernicus User Forum, etc ...) on the use of space assets and artificial intelligence for global climate change challenges. Mother of two children, active innovator, visionary and passionate about science and technology she is an ambassador promoting STEM careers especially to young girls. She founded Studiomapp srl in 2015. The company has been awarded by Pentagon US Defence Innovation DIUx as one of the top 5 in the international competition xView regarding Artificial intelligence applied to satellite imagery and by NATO in 2019.