Pascale Lefebure

Biotechnology Engineer for Aerospace Projects and Microgravity Research, Chlorodia Labs

Region:          Europe 

Field:              Engineering/ Technology; Science


Profile:     Pascale Lefebure holds a Master’s degree in biotechnology and an Advanced Master in Aerospace Project Management with the Higher Institute of Aeronautics and Space ISAE Supaero.

She has worked several years for the French Ministry of Defense (Directorate General for International Relations and Strategy- DGRIS) on critical technologies assessment. Fascinated by Space field, as a result of her work for Kayser Italia (leader in payload development for life sciences experimentation in microgravity), Pascale Lefebure participated in the microgravity experiments international network and she contributed to the different stages of the microgravity experimentation life cycle.

Since 2013, Pascale Lefebure makes regular presentations about industrial applications of news technologies as 3D printing, nanotechnologies or space sciences.

Pascale is currently involved in educational tools development to raise public awareness about how and why ours Space agencies conduct life science experimentation in the International Space Station (ISS).

She has also authored numerous reports on emerging technologies.


Network Activities:     I volunteered to lead ongoing efforts to communicate and coordinate future activities within the S4W network.

I will be very proud to contribute to increase visibility of women projects.  

I plan to make intervention in school to present my career in sciences and talk with youth about career opportunities in Space field.