Priyanka Roy Chowdhury

PhD student at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Region:          Europe

Field:              Science


Profile:     I am an India-born Physicist and currently pursuing my PhD at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. My research project is on the study of Quark-gluon-plasma state of matter within the STAR experiment (located at Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA). In this project we are studying the D0-mesons-hadron femtoscopic correlation in heavy ion collisions and looking for the conditions of early universe. Besides my PhD, I am engaged with various space activities. Since childhood, I am a space enthusiast but I got connected with the international space community since last year through International Space University (ISU) , France and Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC). I was one of the recipients of the prestigious Dr. Kalpana Chawla scholarship of 2020 awarded by ISU for attending the Interactive Space Program (ISP) 2020. I am also involved in the Space4Women initiative of the Space Development Nexus (SDNx), India, where our main focus is to motivate young female students to pursue STEAM education and to provide space education.