Chiara Chiesa

International PR and Space Technology Commercialization Transfer Advisor

Region:          Europe

Field:              Communication; Business


Profile:     Chiara Chiesa is an International PR and Space Technology Commercialization Transfer advisor.

She helps to infuse space technology into the commercial sector, connecting people, startups, companies and institutions within the aerospace and NewSpace domain. 

Public relations expert, her background includes foreign literatures studies, communication, marketing and business. 

President and co-founder of INTERSTELLARS (a space tech transfer dissemination not for profit association) and fond of new technologies, she is sales advisor for Graphene-xt and PR and advisor for many other startups.

Chiara is one of the 1000 “Unstoppable women” that are changing Italy through innovation, list by StartupItalia. 


Network Activities: I’m commited to being a role model raising awareness, advocating for and inspiring women and girls through my personal story and through coaching and sponsorship of women in space.

I’m committed to leaving an impactful legacy behind, and planting the seeds for that legacy all along the way, with my role of ambassador and mentor spreading awareness on STEM and space sector opportunities.

Planned activities: mentoring, lectures, interviews, and one project to be developed with all mentors who wish to contribute: the creation of a global map with schools, universities, courses, internships and opportunities to access space careers for every region, a map to be updated each year as a legacy for future mentors and students.