Abbie Hutty

Locomotion Subsytem Manager, Mars Sample Fetch Rover, Airbus Defense and Space

Region:          Europe 

Field:              Engineering/ Technology


Profile:     Abbie studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Surrey, and joined Airbus Defence and Space in 2010, designing and analysing spacecraft structures for missions from solar system exploration to climate change monitoring and telecommunications satellites.

After spending 7 years working on ESA’s ExoMars Rover in various roles, she is now one of the country’s most experienced specialists in Engineering for Mars exploration. She is now working on the Sample Fetch Rover, a joint programme between Europe and NASA JPL. On this mission, Abbie is responsible for the Locomotion Subsystem; a key development for the mission, given the high distances the rover must cover in its lifetime to fulfil the mission objectives.

Alongside her day job, Abbie takes on many STEM Education and Outreach roles, talking about her missions and role to students and the wider public, promoting engineering careers and the study of STEM subjects to the next generation.


Network Activities:     For likeminded individuals seeking to join the space industry, I am happy to have a one to one chat about:

- Smashing Imposter Syndrome and embracing opportunity to become the best version of you

- Being an ally and facing your own unconscious biases to ensure you share your successes and create opportunities for those who come next

- Changing the conversation and updating the perception of STEM in the general public to make sure that everybody can aspire to join us

- Challenging the status quo and rewriting the rulebook to make our industry a better place for everyone

I look forward to supporting you to live up to your potential and reach your dreams.

I also give talks at live and online events about space, as well as discussing topics around gender equality, inclusivity, allyship, unconscious bias, imposter syndrome and more. To talk to me about speaking opportunities, please get in touch.