Smiti Dhami

Spacecraft Operations Engineer, Telespazio Germany GmbH

Region:          Europe

Field:              Engineering


Profile:     Smiti is an aerospace engineer with a decade of experience ranging from satellite design to operations. In 2011 she started her career at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) where she was associated with various spacecraft missions of national and international importance covering numerous applications like communication, earth observation, navigation, weather monitoring, rendezvous and docking etc. She has been involved in the challenging and interesting field of Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) and has contributed to the Moon and Mars missions of India as AOCS design engineer. During her tenure at ISRO, she got the opportunity to engage in various phases of spacecraft lifecycle like design, analysis, testing, assembly & integration. Additionally, as AOCS design engineer she has supported Launch & Early Operations Phase (LEOP) for over 30 Indian spacecraft missions. In 2020, Smiti moved to Europe and started working at Telespazio Germany GmbH. Her association with the space domain continues as Spacecraft Operations Engineer for EUMETSAT Polar System. In her current role, she supports routine and special AOCS operations for European meteorological satellites in LEO. She is also actively involved in the End-Of-Life (EOL) operations of a weather satellite. This project completes her end-to-end satellite lifecycle experience from concept and design phase to deorbiting and decommissioning phase. By being a part of the Space4Women Mentor Program, Smiti hopes to encourage more women to take up STEM and be part of this wonderful and challenging field of space science and technology. She feels it is important to spread inspiration so that every young girl aiming to reach for space believes that her dreams are achievable. Smiti has co-authored several research papers at international conferences and is presently a member of Women in Aerospace – Europe Network. As an amateur blogger, Smiti likes to write and plans to bring out regular and easily understandable articles related to all things space on her blog “The Drifting Satellite”.