Capacity Building

Space4Women facilitates institutional capacity building and provides relevant advice, knowledge, awareness raising, research, and data to institutions and governments for women in the space sector. This includes access to and use of space-technology in order to train, generate skills, and transfer knowledge to women on both institutional and individual levels.

To accomplish this, we aim to:

  • Encourage women and girls, involving their parents, to pursue STEM education.
  • Open doors for entry into the space sector.
  • Review national legislations and protect women’s rights with maternity benefits and job security while on pregnancy and parental leave.
  • Promote equality and gender parity in private and public organizations from entry level jobs to leadership roles.
  • Provide incentives to companies for reaching goals related to gender equality and gender parity.
  • Address SDG 5: Gender Equality and SDG 4: Quality Education using space-related science, technology, innovation, and exploration to improve sustainability within agriculture, climate change, disaster response, transportation, health, communication, and others.

As part of our capacity building and outreach efforts, Space4Women organizes expert meetings to discuss efforts to ensure that the benefits of space reach women and girls, as well as to foster their equal and active role in the areas of space science, technology, innovation and exploration. The following Expert Meetings were organized: 

Current Activities

Space4Women is collecting proposals for potential projects and trainings