Marianne Vinje Tantillo

Head of ESA affairs and international relations, Norwegian Space Agency

Region:          Europe

Field:              Engineering


Profile:     Marianne Vinje Tantillo has an education in applied mathematics, and had experience in engeering fields such as satellite operations and space systems design within both earth observation and exploration before joining the Norwegian Space Agency 20 years ago. She´s since been a delegate to ESA in the field of human spaceflight and exploration. She has also been a Norwegian expert to the EU research programme Horizon 2020, in the Space domain. She is now chair of the ESA Programme Board for Human Spaceflight, Micorgravity and Exploration as well as a Norwegian delegate to the ESA council.


Network Activities:     I am enthusiastic about the role the space domain plays in raising awarenes about STEM research and activities. I am happy to support interested individuals in seeing the opportunities a career in the space domain could give.

I look forward to supporting mentees in one on one conversations about topics ranging from the purely technological, to the more career oriented, and to issues such as gender equality and being a woman in a male-dominated domain.

I give talks at space related events and participate in outreach such as talks, presentations, podcasts, radio programmes etc and will support the values of Space4Women through those activities.