Vered Cohen Barzilay

Founder/ Director, Out of the Box - Science Accelerator

Region:          Middle East; Global

Field:              Education; Business; Entrepreneurship


Profile:     Vered Cohen-Barzilay is an Israeli-born entrepreneur and tenacious advocate for aviation, space, and science education. Founder Director of "Out of the Box" Social Enterprise to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in STEAM education (Mid and High Schools students and schools facilitators). Out of the Box develop and operate innovative international aerospace programs with special focus on advancing young women and girls to space. We Specialize in hybrid and online learning.

The enterprise works in a relationship between many stakeholders, including NASA Ames Research Center, U.S. Embassy Jerusalem, Italian embassy in Israel, the Israeli Space Agency, and space tech companies such as Aleph Farms and Helios. The students learn directly with Astronauts, Senior scientists, space entrepreneurs, aviation experts, combat pilots and business men and women. Our students and facilitators are coming from diverse countries. (e.g. USA, Israel, Italy, UAE, Turkey, Estonia, and more).

The enterprise flagship program, Science Accelerator, received special recognition by the Ministry of education in Israel as "A pioneering program, original and visionary in the subject of space education". The program was presented in space educational and educational conferences (UNOOSA Space4women conference, February 2021, SEEC - Houston Space Educational conference, January 2021) the XXXth General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union Vienna, August 20-31, 2017).

Cohen-Barzilay was recently elected to 1000+ space tech leaders list, published by Space tech analytics. She currently serves as a mentor at Starburst IAI space accelerator.

In 2020, Cohen-Barzilay, elected by the US department of state as #FacesofExchange initiative, highlighted 80 accomplished alumni, their lives, and the impact their exchange program brought to the global community.

Cohen-Barzilay is the founder and former director of Israel’s Women’s Media Center Israel, a hub for gender-equality and social justice. She co-led the steering committee for Israeli NAP-UN Resolution 1325, and is co-founder of the Chamber of Women Journalists - chosen 5th of the 100 most influential people in Israeli media for 2014.

Cohen-Barzilay is also a Human Rights advocate, she was a board member for Art for Amnesty, a global project which encourages artists of all disciplines to become involved in the effort to raise awareness for human rights issues. Art for Amnesty members (U2, Yoko Ono, etc) lends their voices for Amnesty International campaigns.

Cohen-Barzilay speaks at organizations and events around the globe to advance space education, space entrepreneurship and innovation, she is also a professional moderator.

At the age of 47 Cohen-Barzilay started to pursue her piloting license on a glider. Her life motto is dare to dream, as she believes there is no age to fulfil dreams and that even the sky isn't the limit... She welcomes mentees and collaborations from around the globe and is committed to making space accessible for everyone to dream and dare! And for the fulfilling of UN SDGs.