Rania Toukebri

Spacecrafts Architect, Space Strategy Consultant and Regional Coordinator for Africa in the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC)

Region:          Africa

Field:              Engineering


Profile:     Rania Toukebri is (Tunisian Based in Germany) Space Engineer working on the design, verification and integration of spacecrafts. She has been part of several European Space Agency projects for earth observation, planetary defense and space exploration. She is conducting research on quantum technology and data security. She is Top 10 under 30 space experts in Space in Africa in 2019 and Top 3 for The TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young Persons) nominated by JCI Tunisia in 2021. She is also a Space Programs Manager and Space Strategy Consultant called for the implementation and the support of African space programs. She is co-founder and CTO of the startup OnaSpace (HumudaPlus) and Regional Coordinator for Africa in Space Generation Advisory Council in support of the UN for space applications, and the Chief Executive Officer for Tod´aers to enhance international space research. She has launched the African Space Education Program for capacity building in Africa.


Network Activities:      Human Resources are one of the basic pillars to build the space market, they need to be well managed to make a real impact. We need to create the capacities that will solve environmental and economical issues in the african region using space technology. I have been mentoring the young space generation for a few years and supervised projects and reviewed articles and thesis related to STEM and Space Research. So, I plan to extend and improve the network of women in Space. The aim is to promote gender equality to include the whole society in the space sector for a sustainable development. I am working on supporting the researchers, future space experts and entrepreneurs. I am providing and facilitating the access to opportunities in the global space market. I am also giving my expertise in Spacecraft architecture, mission design, systems engineering, satellites communication, Cybersecurity, Quantum Technology, project and product management, strategic space law and lunar activities. I will be endorsing women that still need guidance in their careers. I have already started a #SpaceEducationprogram with Space Advisory Council that will support the capacity building program in Africa and will provide training, mentorships and discussions with stakeholders, space agencies in Africa. I would like to impact the maximum number of girls and women through this program to be involved in the space field in the future.