2023 Mentor: Veronique Glaude

Veronique Glaude

Senior Space Radio Regulations Engineer at the International Telecommunications Union

Region: Europe

Field: Space Sustainability, Space Radio Regulations

Profile: Veronique Glaude is an expert engineer on the Radio Regulations for space services at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). She joined the ITU in 1999 to deal with the processing of satellite network filings and related activities. She is the ITU observer to COPUOS and its subcommittees since 2018 and coordinates an information systems improvement project. Veronique continues to provide assistance to Member States' administrations and actively participates in seminars and world radiocommunication conferences related to space services. She is one of the ITU coordinators for the "Network of Women for WRC23" initiative and an active member of Women In Aerospace Europe.