2023 Mentor: Valeria Pettorino

Valeria Pettorino

Director of Research at CEA Paris-Saclay, Department of Astrophysics 

Region: Europe

Field:  Dark Energy, Cosmology, Space Missions 

Profile: Valeria Pettorino received her PhD in physics in 2005 in Naples, Italy. A theoretical physicist by formation, Valeria worked more and more on data, cosmology and space missions. She worked on the ESA Planck and ESA Euclid space missions, since 2007, in roles at the interface between theory and observations, and across different expertise. After her PhD, Valeria worked in Spain, USA, Switzerland (Marie Curie Fellow), Germany (von Humboldt Fellow and Group Leader), and France. She obtained a permanent position in 2016 at CEA Paris-Saclay research centre and is now Director of Research.