2023 Mentor: Sarita Dara

Sarita Dara 

Space Medicine and Human Factors Consultant, Occupational Medicine Physician, Senior Medical Officer (Aviation Medicine) at Humane Factors Exponential and the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand

Region: Oceania

Field:  Space Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Public Health

Profile: Sarita Dara is a Physician with interdisciplinary training and experience in the fields of Aerospace Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Human Factors, Public Health and Space Sciences. Sarita looks after the health of “people at work” on Earth and beyond. She is an Academician with the International Academy of Aviation and Space Medicine and Associate Fellow, Aerospace Medical Association. Sarita is also an educator, researcher, mentor, artist and Astro photographer. She has organized and participated in outreach activities for World Space Week, Space Generation Advisory Council and has been a mentor/speaker for Women in Space Aotearoa New Zealand, Pathways to Space program.