Rochelle Velho

Co-Founder of the Space Medicine and Life Science Project Group at the Space Generation Advisory Council

Region: Europe

Field: Medicine

Profile: Rochelle Velho is a  Medical Doctor specialising in Acute Medicine & Intensive Care Medicine with operational and research experience in Space Medicine & Life Sciences. She has also completed the NIHR AFP in Public Health and the NIHR ACF in ACCS-ICM with an MPH in 2019, which taught her about the complexities of health care delivery during the Ebola and Covid19 pandemic. In parallel with her clinical training, she is the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) CMO and have participated in expeditions (AMADEE ‘15 & ‘18) to test space suit simulators in extreme environments. She is also a founder and co-chair of the SGAC Space Medicine Life Sciences Project Group and represent SGAC on the UN Space4Global Health working group. In the UK, she is an executive on the UK Space Life & Biomedical Sciences board and drive forward innovation in space life sciences. Her ultimate aspiration is to source more space-based solutions to solve terrestrial health challenges.