2023 Mentor: Rania Toukebri

Rania Toukebri

Aerospace Engineer (Airbus DS) / Regional Coordinator for Africa  (SGAC) / Space Security Committee member (IAF))

Region: Africa

Field:  Space Systems, AI, Space Policy, Space Security

Profile: Rania Toukebri is a Space Engineer working on the design, verification and integration of satellites. She has  been part of several European Space Agency projects for earth observation, planetary defence and space exploration. She has worked on 9 spacecrafts so far. Rania is also conducting research on the new generation of AI for long term missions through her PhD at the University of Lübeck. She was named a Top 10 under 30 space experts in Space in Africa in 2019 and Top 3 for The TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young Persons) nominated by JCI Tunisia in 2021. she is also a Space Programs Manager and Space Strategy Consultant called for the implementation and the support of African space programs. She is a co-founder and COO of the startup OnaSpace (HumudaPlus) and Regional Coordinator for Africa in Space Generation Advisory Council in support of the UN for space applications. Rania launched the African Space Education Program for capacity building in Africa. She had the honour to be Top 1 of 100 women in Aerospace and Aviation to follow on LinkedIn in 2022 and TEDx Talk speaker.