2023 Mentor: Miki Sode

Miki Sode

Founder (Otento); Senior Advisor, Commercialization Strategies (SCM); Lecturer (Stanford) 

Region: Asia

Field:  Commercial Space, Gravitational Research, International Space Station

Profile: Miki Sode is an innovation strategist and an advisor specializing in humanity centered systems design. She is passionate about empowering people and enabling technology that has positive impact to humanity’s future on and off the Earth. She is also a lecturer at Stanford d.school. Previously, Miki was a Commercial Innovation Manager at the ISS National Laboratory. Her portfolio includes aerospace technology development, life sciences, physical sciences and sustainability. Miki received a BA in physics (UC Berkeley); an MS in aerospace engineering (San Jose State University); and a Ph.D. in bioengineering (UC Berkeley and San Francisco).