2023 Mentor: Mariya Lyubenova

Mariya Lyubenova 

Astronomer and Head of Media Relations at the European South Observatory

Region: Europe

Field:  Astronomy, Space Sciences, Science Diplomacy 

Profile: Dr. Mariya Lyubenova is a researcher who thrives at the intersection of fields, disciplines, and sectors in society. She passionately believes that open communication in a nurturing atmosphere is of paramount importance for the successful transfer and advancement of knowledge. She holds a MSc in Physics from Sofia University in Bulgaria and a PhD in Astronomy from the University of Munich, Germany. She currently works at the foremost intergovernmental organisation in astronomy, the European Southern Observatory (ESO), where she is head of Media Relations, science advisor to the Department of Communication, and editor of ESO’s science & technology journal. She is also an active researcher with her main focus being the processes that shape the evolution of galaxies in the Universe, using a suite of ground- and space-based observatories, supervisor of master and PhD students, and mentor of junior researchers.