2023 Mentor: María José Molina-Monteroa

María José Molina-Monteroa

Geographer at Central America Space Network

Region: Central America

Field:  GIS, Remote Sensing 

Profile: Maria Jose Molina-Monteroa is a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) expert with an interest in remote sensing, geographical data science, photogrammetry, hydrological model, digital and interactive maps.  She has acquired more than seven years of fieldwork as a consultant, lecturer, and researcher at the Geography Department of the University of Costa Rica. She has taught courses related to Geography, GIS, and Photogrammetry. Maria leads different research about Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), empowering rural women in Geospatial Technology. She is working on CubeSat development in Central America (Morazán Project, the first satellite of Honduras). She is also the president of the Aeroespacial Network in Central America for the Costa Rica node.