2023 Mentor: Giovanna Estefania Ramirez Ruiz

Giovanna Estefania Ramirez Ruiz

Electronic Engineer/Researcher at the Postgraduate School of the Colombian Air Force

Region: South America

Field:  Engineering, Satellites, Space Analog Missions, STEM

Profile: Giovanna Ramirez Ruiz is an electronic engineer, holds a master's degree in development and comprehensive project management, and is an aviation pilot. She is a professor of the master's program in aerospace engineering at the San Buenaventura University and the Julio Garavito Colombian School of Engineering. She is a past president of the professional chapter Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society- AESS Colombia chapter (2019-2021). She was an Analog Astronaut of the Polish Aerospace Training Center, a former fellow of the Japan Global Space consortium and a researcher and developer of a space mission through a HeptaSat-satellite. She has worked in the Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation and in the Postgraduate School of the Colombian Air Force.

She has participated in research projects in cooperation with IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), UNISEC (University Space Engineering) and the Colombian Air Force. She has recognitions such as: "Successful Women Award Colombia 2020" in the Science and Technology category, Best Young professional IEEE 2019, Entrepreneur of the year 2018 with the 'JULIO GARAVITO' award, Author of the "Genius Pamper" invention and was recognized as a Young Promise by COLPARMEX, and selected as a recipient of the International Galileo Chair by COLPARMEX.