2023 Mentor: Edorado Cocci

Edorado Cocci 

Satellite Operations Architect & Product Owner at Telespazio Germany GmbH

Region: Europe

Field:  Space Engineering 

Profile: Edoardo Cocci is passionate about New Space and space mission operations. He works as Satellite Operations Architect and EASE-rise Product Owner at Telespazio Germany GmbH, where he has been able to delve into the commercial market, understand its needs and ultimately channel his technical expertise into designing effective solutions tailored to the New Space. Previously, he worked as Spacecraft Engineer at SES, where he got hands-on experience in both the field of satellite manufacturing and operations. Throughout his career, he acquired a transversal understanding of the entire space program life cycle from both the technical and business points of view. He holds a Master's Degree in Space Engineering from the Technology University of Delft, Netherlands.