2023 Mentor: Abigail Ganopol

Abigail Ganopol 

Mission Operations Manager at Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE)

Region: Latin America

Field:  Mission Operations Management 

Profile: Abigail Ganopol has worked in the aerospace industry since 2009, her field of expertise being LEO mission operations management. She has been team leader in long term projects like the SAC-D/Aquarius mission flight engineering for operations coordinator and was the Mission Operations Manager in the Integrated Logistics Support and Operations development of SAOCOM and SABIA-Mar missions. As a manager, she is deeply committed to improving her area’s performance and has devoted several years to knowledge management, focusing on team members training and developping a lessons learned process. In 2018, Abigail started coaching women on time management to achieve goals while living on a state of purpose.