Cassie Lee

Advanced Programs Lead - Weather and Remote Sensing, Lockheed Martin Space and Co-Founder, Brooke Owens Fellowship

Region:          North America and the Caribbean 

Field:              Business


Profile:     Cassie Kloberdanz Lee is co-founder of the Brooke Owens Fellowship, an award-winning internship and mentorship program designed to inspire and train undergraduate women seeking a career in aerospace. A global advocate for women in aerospace, Lee has been active in the Space4Women community dating back to the inaugural program in 2017.

Lee is the Advanced Programs Lead for Weather and Remote Sensing at Lockheed Martin Space and a Strategic Advisor to Bye Aerospace, a world leader and innovator of electric and solar-electric aircraft. Her previous positions include Chief Operating Officer of Earthrise Alliance and Head of Space Programs at Vulcan Inc, a Paul G. Allen company. Lee began her career as a propulsion engineer for NASA and has held a variety of roles with Sierra Nevada Corporation, SpaceX and the University of Colorado Boulder Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences.


Network Activities:     The Space4Women Network is an exciting platform to share best practices and lessons learned from developing the largest Fellowship for women and gender minorities in aerospace. In addition to serving as a mentor for 154 Brooke Owens Fellows and alumni, I look forward to connecting these extraordinary women to my Network colleagues thereby growing our active community and enhancing international cooperation in advancing women in aerospace.  I will continue to work with aerospace leaders on expanding their commitment to mentoring young women and look forward to leveraging this international community to recruit the next generation of extraordinary "Brookies".