Space for Women Expert Meeting: Access and participation of women and girls in the space sector

Tuesday, 16 August 2022 - 1:00pm to Friday, 19 August 2022 - 4:00pm

UN/Republic of Korea 

Space for Women Expert Meeting: 

Access and participation of women and girls in the space sector



Organized jointly by

United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) 

Ministry of Science and ICT of the Republic of Korea (MSIT) 

 Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) 

Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI) 



  • Please complete the application form and submit the signature form by the deadline of 29.05.2022 

  • Please submit an abstract by 29.05.2022, should you wish to be considered for funding support and/or make a presentation at the event.

  • Documents need to be sent to space4women[@]  

  • Read all about the Space4Women Initiative here


The meeting is part of the "Space for Women" Project (Space4Women), which falls under the United Nations Capacity Building Initiative. Space4Women encourages women and girls to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education and raises awareness about career opportunities and the importance of gender equality and empowerment in the space sector. 

Purpose & Target audience 

The focus of the meeting is to discuss efforts to ensure that the benefits of space reach women and girls, as well as that they have an equal and active role in the areas of space science, technology, innovation and exploration. During the meeting, the participants will have the opportunity to engage in presentations, discussions, lectures and networking, whose aim is to promote gender equality and women empowerment in the space area in accordance with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 4 (Quality Education) and 5 (Gender Equality). 

Decision-makers and experts from international organizations, governments, non-governmental organizations, as well as senior officials and representatives of the private sector, research institutions and universities are all encouraged to apply. 

General Objectives 


  • Raise awareness about the role of women in the advancement of space science, technologies, applications and space exploration; 

  • Identify challenges, opportunities and effective interventions to promote and advance women in the aerospace sector; 

  • Discuss how to support advocates, mentors and teachers in bringing girls into space and STEM;  

  • Explore women entrepreneurship and the role of the private sector in promoting women’s careers in space; 

  • Discuss policies and business practices to make the space sector more inclusive, diverse and accessible for girls and women; 

  • Further collaboration among representatives from different sectors and domains to promote women in space; 

  • Define what tools can help the achievement of the objectives and targets proposed and raise awareness for the issue. 


  • Examine the participation of women in the aerospace sector and support evidence-based measures to increase the number of women in the space sector, including improving accessibility to leadership positions; 

  • Build on the results of the UN/Brazil/UAE Space4Women Expert meeting in 2021 and take stock of the participation of women in the aerospace sector and develop the baseline by: 

    • Launching a stocktaking exercise to review the current status of the female workforce in global space agencies;

    • Discussing quantitative methods and statistical approaches to measure the impacts of gender empowerment activities; 

    • Discuss a comparative and impacts analysis of gender empowerment activities by 2030, based on methods and approaches discussed. 

  • Prepare an outcome report to highlight results and follow-up actions as a reference document for the 2023 expert meeting  

Specific Objectives 

Focus on the discussion of specific themes related to (1) support advocates, mentors and teachers to bring girls closer to STEM and space; (2) ways to promote female entrepreneurship in space (3) the stocktaking and mapping exercise of women participation in the space sector; and (4) measuring and communicating the impact of gender empowerment activities in space. 



Key Topics 

Session 1: Train-the-trainers: Support advocates, mentors and teachers to make STEM education accessible and inspiring 

  • How can advocates, mentors and teachers be supported to bring students closer to space? 

  • What are effective methods to successfully engage girls in space and STEM subjects? 

  • What effective STEM teaching techniques and material are available?  

Session 2: Women space entrepreneurs: Opportunities and challenges to promote female entrepreneurship in space 

  • Success stories of women entrepreneurs. 

  • Where to start when creating a space business? 

  • What opportunities/challenges/ funding are available? 

Session 3: Global stock-taking: scope, goals and methods to measure the participation of women in the space sector, including in leadership positions 

  • What should the stock-taking exercise measure? 

  • How should it be measured?  

  • What is the end-product?  

Session 4: Measuring and communicating the impact of gender empowerment activities in the space sector

  • How can the impact of gender empowerment activities in the space sector be measured best? 

  • What are trusted quantitative and qualitative methods?  

  • How can the impact be communicated to policymakers and the wider audience?  

Expected outcomes

It is expected that the meeting not only raises awareness on the themes but also promotes further concrete policies and actions towards gender equality and empowerment of women in the areas of space science, technology, innovation and exploration. Expected outcomes 

Following the Expert Meeting, an outcome report will be prepared to highlight the results and follow-up actions as a reference document for the 2023 expert meeting.

How to apply

If you would like to attend the Expert Meeting, please complete the application by 29.05.2022. 

All applicants interested in participating in the expert meeting must: 

        1. Fill in the application form

        2. Send the signature form in PDF, signed by the Head of the nominating agency/organization, to space4women[@]

Applicants who wish to receive funding to participate in the meeting or wish to contribute to the event must also:

         3. Complete the abstract template and send it in PDF to space4women[@]  

Please note that qualified participants whose nominating agency/organization agrees to fund round-trip travel and/or living expenses will be considered on a priority basis. Thus we strongly encourage you to seek alternative funding to secure your participation. 

More details are available in the application form.

Important notice

The organizers will be monitoring the the global health situation carefully and will be communicating any updates on the planning and preparations regularly through the events website.

Contact details: space4women[@]