Space4Women included in "She in STI" United Nations initiatives addressing the gender gap in Science, Technology and Innovation

The Space4Women programme features in the latest brochure prepared by the Gender and Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) Group of the UN Interagency Task Team on STI for the SDGs. The Gender and STI Group fosters collaboration and synergy among UN entities in addressing the gender gap in STI. The goal of this initiative is to give women an equal chance to contribute to STI. In doing so, the initiative aims to release the potential of women as creators, innovators, and scientists, leading to positive changes in society, the economy, and technology. 

To achieve these goals, UN entities participating in this Group undertake different proactive measures. This includes overviewing gender related activities across the UN system, joint events and briefings during the appropriate UN fora and relevant International Days as well as conducting research and analysis on the gender dimension of STI related initiatives or other initiatives with STI component(s).

By advancing gender equality in space and STEM, UNOOSA Space4Women programme is part of these UN-wide efforts.

More brochure of the Gender and STI group is available here.