The mentorship programme kicked off!


The 2023 Space4Women Mentorship Programme kicked off!

The Space4Women Team organized two induction meetings to prepare both mentors and mentees for their fulfilling participation in the mentorship programme.

The first mentor meeting of the year included a presentation on the role of a mentor. The presentation was interactive and brought the entire group of mentors together to consider their impact on their mentees.

The first mentee meeting of the year focused on preparing for a successful mentorship relationship. We covered everything from how to ask your mentor the right questions to how to set helpful goals.

The Space4Women Organizing Team is in the process of planning further events for our mentors and mentees.

It is great to see such passionate mentors and mentees, and we look forward to the progress of the Space4Women Mentorship Programme!


Photos: Space4Women mentors and mentees during the induction meetings.