Join the Space4Women Network!

The Space4Women Network has opened its annual call for members through 1 March 2020.

The Space4Women Network objectives are:

  • to create awareness raising and advocate for women and girls in STEM education and the space sector.
  • for industry leaders, men and women, to pledge their support for gender equality and gender empowerment—particularly in decision-making and leadership positions.
  • to provide role models and mentors who work in the space sector to inspire, guide, encourage and support women and girls in pursuing STEM education and careers in the space sector.
  • to create an online mentoring platform where information about STEM education, entry into the space sector, career development, and women’s empowerment can be accessed and shared in a safe and inclusive environment.

The first Space4Women Network members must commit to serve through 10 February 2021. There is an application and selection process, the details for which can be found on the Space4Women Network page. Successfully selected members will be notified by 10 March 2020.