Alessandra Abe Pacini

Space Physicist and Writer (NWRA/ InSpace)

Zainab Azim

Co-Founder of G.I.V.E and Youngest Member of Virgin Galactic's Future Astronaut Program

Ilaria Cinelli

President, Aerospace Human Factors Association, Aerospace Medical Association

Verania Echaide

Interinstitutional Specialist, Mexican Space Agency

Ghina Halabi

Founder and Managing Director, She Speaks Science, University of Cambridge

Elena Kilpio

Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of Physics Deputy head of support staff, researcher (astronomy and astrophysics)

Pascale Lefebure

Biotechnology Engineer for Aerospace Projects and Microgravity Research, Chlorodia Labs

Shimrit Maman

Research Associate and Director, The Earth and Planetary Image Facility, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Susan Murabana Owen

CEO and Co-Founder, The Travelling Telescope

Thais Russomano

Space Physiology and Aerospace Medicine; Founder and CEO of InnovaSpace Ltd, UK

Yajaira Sierra-Sastre

Program Chair, Project PoSSUM

Victoria Valdivia

Space Policy Advisor, Chilean Air Force and Researcher, Center for Aerospace Strategic Studies

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