Lisa Brown

Surgeon and Aerospace Medicine Researcher

Region:          Oceania

Field:              Medicine; Science


Profile:     Lisa Brown MBChB, PhD, FRACS, AFAsMA is a trained General Surgeon from New Zealand specialising in Hepatopancreaticobiliary surgery. She obtained her Medical degree from the University of Otago and PhD in Surgery from The University of Auckland. In addition to her surgical training, she has also undertaken education and research in Aerospace Medicine. Lisa was the first New Zealander to complete The University of Texas Medical Branch Principles of Aviation and Space Medicine short course; was the Aerospace Medicine Research Fellow at The University of Oxford in 2015; was the first resident representative on the Space Medicine Association Council and has received multiple awards for her Aerospace Medicine research. She is a current Associate Fellow of the Aerospace Medicine Association. Lisa is the lead of an Aerospace Medicine research group in New Zealand focussing on surgical conditions in microgravity. She is passionate about promoting women in the fields of both Surgery and Aerospace.