Alessandra Abe Pacini

Space Physicist and Writer (NCEI - NOAA / CU - CIRES)

Region:          Northern America; Latin America and the Caribbean

Field:              Communication; Science


Profile:     I am a Space Physicist (born in Brazil, living in the USA) fully committed to spreading quality scientific information to underrepresented groups, motivating girls in STEM and promoting gender equality in the Space Physics area. My Space Science Outreach projects are focused on educate and instill the new generation of STEM (specially girls), supporting the early-career and minority scientists. I produce engaging content to inform and entertain STEM audiences with a fast-growing  YouTube channel (about Space Physics) and the Girls InSpace Books, which main goal is to keep the girls interested in space sciences while they are going through the years when the gender-gap starts. Some books are already available in Portuguese and English and the translations to Spanish, Arabic and French are planned. #GirlsInSpace4SDG Roadmap is aligned with the UN SDGs 4 and 5,  supporting the 2030 agenda while the project evolves thought the next decade.


Network Activities: