Victoria Valdivia

Political scientist; Academic, advisor, and researcher on space policy and defense; Member of the national council of foresight and strategy in Chile

Region:          Latin American and the Caribbean 

Field:              Science; Policy


Profile:     Chilean, Political Scientist, master’s in international studies, with 7 years of experience in research related to formulation and evaluation of outer space policies and advisory on space policies. I have experience advising states' sectors and analyzing multilateral measures in order to improve outer space cooperation focused on developing countries. I have the honor being the first women in my country developing professional works related to space policy advisory.


Network Activities:     I plan to improve the creation of a regional network of women in space in order to make visible the work of Latin-American women in the space sector from different fields. Also, I would like to improve the creation of working opportunities in the region for young space professional and training courses focused on space law and policy activities, in order to reduce the gender inequality in space diplomacy. I want to impact young girls at the school level by conferences and seminars in order to highlight regional stories of women in space, inspiring girls to follow their steps and to be involved in outer space activities in the future.