Shelli Brunswick

Chief Operating Officer, Space Foundation

Region:          North America and the Caribbean 

Field:              Business


Profile:     As a woman in space, I bring a broad perspective and deep vision of the journey and opportunities available to women — from a distinguished career as a space acquisition and program management leader and Congressional Liaison for the USAF — to my role as COO and executive leader of workforce development and economy opportunity initiatives at Space Foundation.

On a global level, I chair the Women in Aerospace (WIA) Foundation and host the Women’s Global Gathering at the annual Space Symposium. On a national level, I hold a seat on the board for Manufacturer’s Edge, and on a regional level, a seat on the board for Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Corporation.

I earned a BA, summa cum laude, in business administration from University of Southern Colorado, an MA degree in business administration from University of Phoenix and served as Professor of Acquisition Management at Defense Acquisition University.


Network Activities:     My focus for 2020 is Workforce Development and Economic Opportunity initiatives at Space Foundation to fill the workforce shortage, skills deficit and innovation gap for the $415B space industry, projected to reach $1-3T by 2040. The space industry presents extraordinary opportunities for women that span all industries and impact societies around the globe. 

Space Foundation creates inclusive, innovative programs that follow five core disciplines to create positive change and workforce opportunity for women and girls in the space economy:

Awareness of space impact and economic opportunity

Access to jobs, careers and business ventures for all people

Training for a culture of lifelong learning of sustainable skills

Connections to a vast network of people, businesses and resources

Mentorship of young leaders be next-generation role models

Plans for 2020 include virtual and live events — regional, national and global— in collaboration with Space4Women, and partnerships with public and private enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions and communities.