Basuti Bolo

Chair - Educational Technologies, Africa University, Zimbabwe

Region:          Africa 

Field:              Engineering/ Technology


Profile:     Basuti Bolo is from Botswana, working as an Endowed Chair Educational Technologies at Africa University in Zimbabwe, an Advisory Council member for Online Learning of Africa University, an International Academy of Space Law ambassador to Botswana, Africa Space Tourism Society ambassador to Botswana, Space for Women Ambassador to Botswana, Advisor to SpaceconneX.

Bolo's initiative aims at:

· To get more women and girls to study the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and to enter the space sector in order to drive change and manage resources linked with women and girls career. Bolo has started mentoring a group of more than 100 both male and females students at Africa university.

· To empower women and girls to reduce gender inequality and to promote gender equality.

· Driving change on global resources monitoring and management, and finding solutions in managing on and off Earth environment for sustainable development using Information Communication Technologies, Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Space science and applications, geospatial information systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle technologies. Bolo has been working in the field of Information Communication Technologies, Space science, Geographical Information System, Remote sensing and Global Navigation Satellite Systems, land and water for more than 15 years. She has also done research on UAV (Drone) technology and applications.