Basuti Bolo

Chair - Educational Technologies, Africa University, Zimbabwe

Region:          Africa 

Field:              Engineering/ Technology


Profile:     Basuti Bolo is a space scientist whose initiative is to drive change and find solutions in managing the on- and off- Earth environment for sustainable development using space science, space applications, and geospatial information systems and technology. She also aims to get more women and girls to study STEM programs and to enter the space sector in order to drive change and to manage resources that are linked to women's and girls' careers. Bolo has been mentoring women and girls, and promoting STEM programs in Botswana through presentations. Bolo is currently working as Chair Educational Technologies at Africa University in Zimbabwe.  Bolo holds an MSc in Information Systems, PgD in Space and Atmospheric Science, BSc Hon. Geographical Information Systems, and has been working in the field of space science, technology, and applications for more than 15 years. Bolo (a citizen of Botswana) is now working in Zimbabwe, and was one of the participants who participated at the United Nations Expert Meeting on Space for Women in October 2017, in New York, USA. Bolo has been invited by UNOOSA on various meetings.


Network Activities:     I am at the initial stage of starting a space for women and girls network named Space4Women_AfricaDreamers for awareness. Space4Women_AfricaDreamers is a proposed network for women and girls who are interested in the space sector in Zimbabwe. The objectives of the network are to create an awareness, role models and mentors to inspire, guide, encourage, and support and mentor women and girls in Zimbabwe on space sector and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) education. Space4Women_AfricaDreamers network will also act as a catalyst network platform working to achieve the UNOOSA Space4Women goals. This network will also be a valuable tool for engaging professionals within the country to raise awareness on the importance of STEAM education and the opportunities in the space field.